Code Relay

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About the Code Relay

            A pair of friends can always make miracles together. So here ZENITH provides you an opportunity to you and your friend to show how brainstorming you are with this event. The event goes on like this.There will be 2 participants where one of the participant will be working on the challenge in the first slot and the same challenge will be continued by the other teammate in the next slot without any communication between the participants in a team . The team which will complete the challenge efficiently in the given time will be awarded.

Note: The team size is strictly 2

Rules & Regulations


  • Each team contains should contain two members.
  • Knowledge of basic programming
  • The Duration of the compitation is 1 Hour
  • Registration Fee 150/- per team

Contact Details

Name : Vamsi Krishna.P
Mobile No : 7675020195
Email :

Name : Kiran
Mobile No : 9182176263
Email :
  • Register for the event before you make payment
  • The detailed description should be mentioned as below
  • Name of the participant
  • Name of the event
  • College Name

Note:  Please note the Transcation ID for future refernce.

    ***The Payment will be updated in the 24hrs after the payment.****