About Ideate

            With new technologies as ideas popping up every now and then, we as engineers have decided to adopt them in working towards our vision. On this note, We Introduce you to a brand new way of "Ideate" workshop this coming month.The theme of "Ideate" entitled ". " will bring us all together entailing us amazing work,fun,and a lot more.The theme will cover up all mojor aspects in modren engineering era like outcome based education and project based learning. The theme and tracks on the outset have been worked in a way which can take you more closer towards the community/society and ponder you to work oj life size projects and ideas.So gear up and dont miss the wonderful opportunity to be a part of it.

Note: It is an Individual event

Contact Details

Name: Bhargav Dadi
Mobile No: 9515264800

Name : Ratna Kumari
Mobile No : 8328693629
Email :
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