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New Beginning... Endless Possibilities...

Zenith is the annual technical fest of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, GMR Institute of Technology, Rajam,
held under the aegis of the Computer Science and Engineering GMRIT, Rajam and the patronage of the ACM student chapter.

Paper Presentation

The highly focussed platform to showcase their research or study of various domains of engineering that have advanced in the recent past. This is the podium for all ingenious minds out there to showcase their talents and communication skills.



Coined to have diversified learning experience under the, guidance of technocrats regarding the trending aspects of present era’s technologies across vast engineering categories and to enable the students so that they can actually implement the approaches what they have learnt during workshop in nurturing their skills in that particular field of study.

Machine Learning DevOps

Technical Events

High and precise bookish knowledge is not going to make you prime but you have to be in a state to apply them. To make learning more fun, competition more interesting and in order to prove yourself come and participate in the zenith technical events to showcase your talents.

Code Relay Unlock Me


The best ever events reorganised with high levels of grit intending to unveil the creativity, swiftness, entrepreneurship and technical knowledge of young engineering class. The competitions that unleashes in you, bring out the greatest, finest and preeminent talent expertise in you.

Project Expo Hackathon

Magic is Really Very simple, All you have got to do is want something and let yourself have it. To Enjoy that Magic, be a part of our.