Unlock Me

About the Unlock Me

            If you are a good debugger here's a wonderful event to participate UNLOCK ME - unlocking the challenge with speed of thought The main theme of the event is you will be given a code you have to debug the code to get the key to open the next code challenge and the game continues like this...The one who unlocks the maximum keys will be the winner. Do you have the dare to unlock it.

Note: It is an Individual event

Rules & Regulations


  • It is an Individual event.
  • Knowledge of basic programming
  • Each participant will be given 10-15 minutes.
  • Registration Fee 100/-

Contact Details

Name : Harsha. R
Mobile No : 9177674145
Email : 16341A05E9@gmrit.edu.in

Name : Gatari. M
Mobile No : 7989673762
Email : 16341A05C0@gmrit.edu.in
  • Register for the event before you make payment
  • The detailed description should be mentioned as below
  • Name of the participant
  • Name of the event
  • College Name

Note:  Please note the Transcation ID for future refernce.

    ***The Payment will be updated in the 24hrs after the payment.****