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GMRIT ACM Student Chapter is a student driven body charted on 26th August 2016. From its inception, chapter has initiated several activities for the benefit of engineering students of GMRIT and surrounding institutions, school children as well as local community in and around RAJAM. The Chapter conducts several activities to bring awareness on Computer Science and use cases of Computer Science in real world apart from their curriculum among the student community. The chapter is being led by a team of technology enthusiasts from both teaching and student fraternity. Members of the chapter participate not only in technical activities but also social activities like Awareness on Single Usage Plastic, Awareness on Sanitation Issues in Rural Areas.


  • To promote Computer Science among students of all disciplines
  • To improve technical competency and creative thinking among the students for sustainable growth
  • To promote research and application development at under graduate level
  • To promote entrepreneurial orientation among student community
  • To support local communities outside the institution
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Best Student Chapter

GMRASC is given Honourable Mention for ACM India Best Student Chapter Awards in the year 2020

Special Interested Groups

Several Teams known as Special Interest Groups (inspired from ACM SIGs) are constituted for sustainable career which help the students to succeed in attaining career goals. Each SIG has members who work on same domain. The members of a SIG help their successors in learning contemporary technologies that strengthen their technical competency.

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Collaborator The Inquisitive

It gives us an immense pleasure in collaborating with theinquisitive as it was also helping students in building up enormous knowledge. It feels great working with the whole team. We wholeheartedly thank the whole team of theinquisitive for providing us a very interactive platform as it feels so comfortable working on it and with it.